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Nexsen is a specialist developer of rapid sensor technologies. The Company is addressing a significant unmet global need for an accessible, accurate diagnostic test to transform outcomes of Group B Strep; a highly prevalent and potentially fatal disease, with its lead proprietary product StrepSureĀ®, a rapid, low-cost, easy-to-use, highly accurate point -of-care test.

Routine testing for GBS is available in many developed markets, with the exception of the UK, however current tests are lab based, expensive, time consuming or inaccurate.  There are currently no point-of-care, rapid diagnostic tests available. As a result, accessible GBS testing is unavailable for millions of women worldwide and it is a particular issue in rural areas, high-risk communities & developing nations.

Routes to market for StrepSure will include adoption by national health agencies, self-screening, NGO opportunities in developing countries and philanthropic organisations.

Broader opportunities within GBS testing include Infants, UTIs, elderly, Immuno-Compromised future epidemics in addition to the potential to develop/license the technology for other sectors (veterinary, agriculture, environment, and food sectors).

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