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Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Transense Technolgies plc (UK AIM:TRT) has developed patent protected highly specialised sensor systems and supporting technology for use in a variety of diverse high growth markets.

Transense's Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors are wireless and battery-less, and are used in the real-time measurement of torque, temperature and pressure to improve power, performance and efficiency. This patent-protected technology offers significant advantages over alternative measurement tools, and is particularly targeted towards the aircraft, specialised automotive, green energy and industrial markets.

It's Translogik probe range comprises highly accurate tyre testing equipment which enables rapid data capture aimed at fleet managers and tyre service providers.

The Company's iTrack technology, used for monitoring the tyre and vehicle performance of heavy duty off-road vehicles, was licensed to Bridgestone Corporation for a ten year term commencing in June 2020.

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