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Lifeline Scientific client win

12 July 2013

Walbrook PR is pleased to announce its appointment as Financial PR advisor to Lifeline Scientific Inc, the Chicago based organ, tissue and cell transplantation company.

Lifeline Scientific is an AIM listed (AIM: LSI) supplier of advanced systems to improve the quality and availability of vital organs, tissues and cells for transplantation and research. The company has two strategic business units, Organ Recovery Systems and Cell & Tissue Systems, which serve important unmet needs in their respective fields of clinical transplantation and medical research.

Their lead product is the LifePortĀ® Kidney Transporter, marketed by Organ Recovery Systems. This device is routinely used by 141 transplant companies in 26 countries around the world. The technology has been clinically proven to enhance the potential for kidney transplants to function sooner and last longer, giving patients the opportunity for a better quality of life with their new organ. LifePorts for Liver, Pancreas and other organs are currently under development.

Walbrook will advise Lifeline Scientific on its communications with the financial media, research analysts and other Small Cap and AIM investors. For more information, please visit:

Paul McManus, Director of Walbrook PR, said: "We're delighted to be working with the Lifeline in an exciting phase of its development. This follows on from a number of new appointments for Walbrook in the Life Sciences space and further enhances our position as the No. 1 Financial PR agency for AIM listed healthcare stocks.

"By reducing the risk of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) and the associated risk of transplant failure, kidney preservation with LifePort offers potential for more donor kidneys to be suitable for transplantation, increases the number of transplants performed each year, and reduces the cost of their post transplantation care. We are very excited about the potential this company holds."

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