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Feedback plc is a specialist medical imaging technology company providing innovative software and systems, through its fully owned trading subsidiary, Feedback Medical Limited.  Its products advance the work of radiologists, clinicians and medical researchers by improving workflows and giving unique insights into diseases, particularly cancer.

Feedback has launched Bleepa, a new secure, encrypted medical communication app for clinicians accessible through smartphones, tablets and desktops that facilitates rapid clinical messaging and review of medical grade imaging for all members of a clinical team, directly from a hospital Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS).  For more information on Bleepa, see

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13 Oct
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The company’s AGM will be held on Thursday 13 October 2022 at 11.00am
Temple Chambers, 1-3 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0DT
Thursday 13 October 2022 at 11.00am
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