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‘NASCIT is a special situations investment trust dedicated to a long-term capital appreciation objective, to achieve positive absolute returns for shareholders with low correlation to the overall market.’  

North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC (‘NASCIT’) targets capital appreciation for its shareholders through investing primarily in smaller cap public and unquoted companies. NASCIT has been run by Christopher Mills since 1982, using a bottom-up approach when determining investment strategy. The Company uses a multifactor philosophy; to identify companies that have low levels of debt, quality management, and a competitive advantage - taking a private equity approach to ‘special situations’ with a unique sourcing strategy.

NASCIT’s investment team has nearly 50 years of combined experience in listed and private equity small cap investing and is made up of a broad network of deep sector specialists. The team’s active engagement and conviction positions augment value realisation, underpinning NASCIT’s strong performance since inception. Rigorous analysis of investments, spread geographically and by industry type, asset class, and indirect holdings, have been a mainstay in reducing volatility.

The Company maintains strategic cash balances for the agile purchasing of blocks of stock, to maximise opportunities resulting from access to preferential deal sourcing, combined with a broad network of deep sector specialists and operational ‘change makers’ with ‘skin in the game’. 

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